Under water music

I drink till I am sick
Red wine rivers
Unleash torrents of
Bloodied lips
Locked mouths
And Drip-fed gushes of the

Pulled to the light
Half awake
Legs spread
Sleepy volcano
Girl lava 
That slips into under water music
A yelp and a pulse

I said out loud 
That I have feelings for you
Despite yours being one hundred percent gone
As I looked up at you
From white sheets
In a room
In England

With my fingers in your hair
A reminder
At the bottom of this glass
You cried in the night
I heard you
It was my name
And your universe turned

I murmur in the dark like a forgotten relative
Whilst you make eyes towards others at parties
Sweet like chocolate
On swollen lips
That held cigarettes
And big dreams
An epicentre of us

Do not
I am still here
You are still here
Like a VHS tape
All fuzzy
From the pause
On your face
And it’s smile
In black and white

For me

black hole

I do believe 

A black hole swallowed my house

Leaving starry pins in my fingers

Blank stares in my partner’s eyes

It dragged like a shore

That was velveteen

It took everything

I have nothing left

Only suspicious thoughts

That I used to own more than this